Frankfurt Stock Exchange

InstrumentsTickerSpreadsLeverageCommission % Per LotSwap points LongSwap points ShortSize of 1 LotTrading hours (GMT)Pip Value
ADIDASETR: ADS0.5 (EUR)1:50'0%-98.4648-98.464810007:05 - 15:300.0001
ALLIANZETR: ALV0.25 (EUR)1:50'0%-142.925-142.92510007:05 - 15:300.0001
BASFETR: BAS0.2 (EUR)1:50'0%-64.3104-64.310410007:05 - 15:300.0001
BAYERETR: BAYN0.25 (EUR)1:50'0%-98.9448-98.944810007:05 - 15:250.0001
BMWETR: BMW0.15 (EUR)1:50'0%-78.8448-78.844810007:05 - 15:300.0001
COMMERZBANKETR: CBK0.02 (EUR)1:50'0%-8.2224-8.222410007:05 - 15:300.0001
DAIMLERETR: DAI0.1 (EUR)1:50'0%-150-152.510007:05 - 15:300.0001
DeutschBankETR: DBK0.05 (EUR)1:50'0%-17.7552-17.755210007:05 - 15:300.0001
DeutscheTelETR: DTE0.05 (EUR)1:50'0%-17.6316-17.054410007:05 - 15:300.0001
EOANFRA: EOAN0.02 (EUR)1:50'0%-8.1516-8.151610007:05 - 15:300.0001
INFINEONETR: IFX0.03 (EUR)1:50'0%-11.9052-11.515210007:05 - 15:300.0001
K + SETR: SDF0.05 (EUR)1:50'0%-20.0376-20.037610007:05 - 15:300.0001
LUFTHANSAETR: LHA0.05 (EUR)1:50'0%-13.6644-13.215610007:05 - 15:300.0001
METROETR: B4B0.05 (EUR)1:50'0%-24.648-24.64810007:05 - 15:300.0001
RWEETR: RWE0.05 (EUR)1:50'0%-10.6728-10.672810007:05 - 15:300.0001
SAPETR: SAP0.15 (EUR)1:50'0%-69.8856-67.594810007:05 - 15:300.0001
SIEMENSETR: SIE0.2 (EUR)1:50'0%-289.138-270.31310007:05 - 15:300.0001
VolksWagenETR: VOW30.25 (EUR)1:50'0%-129.2-129.210007:05 - 15:300.0001

The spreads provided are a reflection of the time-weighted average. Though attempts to provide competitive spreads during all trading hours, clients should note that these may vary and are susceptible to underlying market conditions. The above is provided for indicative purposes only. Clients are advised to check important news announcements on our Economic Calendar, which may result in the widening of spreads, amongst other instances.


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