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Contact us, we will gladly answer any questions you may have. suggested me to invest in Apple just before the release of iPhone 7. I followed their advice and made a decent amount of money thanks to Apple’s stock price growth.

Vu Thu Van
37 years, Nha Trang


With the company IMTTrade you can trade on any market you wish. We offer the chance to trade on highly liquid foreign exchange markets. Also the opportunity to trade in indexes and highly lucrative commodities (such as oil, gold and cocoa) or in shares on the biggest and most prestigious of global stock markets from the entire world.

IMTTrade provides access to an online form of trading. As a result, you have market access anytime and from anywhere.

Overview of assets

Forex is currently by far the most liquid and tradable financial product, and has a market turnover in excess of 4.5 trillion dollars per day. Here at we provide you with access to trading on this exciting forex market with more than 100 different currency pairs.

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For many years now trading in commodities has been essential for society’s survival as a whole and for continued growth of countries from the practical aspect, whether it involves the buying and selling of livestock so that a country’s inhabitants have enough to eat, or gaining diesel or petrol as a source of energy for the industrial sectors.

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Trading in indexes generally brings a growth effect associated with increasing performance of economies and the overall living standard. They represent a highly stable and relatively secure investment and an opportunity to increase the value of spare personal money or your company’s money.

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The stock market allows the purchase and sale of an ownership share in publicly tradable companies. This trading occurs on secondary markets, of which the most prestigious is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

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Bonds (obligations) are one of most popular tools for revenue in the form of regular interest. These are securities traded on Stock Exchange.

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Strategic planning

Our training programmes and webinars will help you:

  • Work less – earn more
  • Utilise trading automation and have more freedom
  • Learn how to use trading platforms
  • Discover new markets and investment opportunities
  • Choose and focus on the branch you understand
  • Secure your investments so there are no large losses

Strategy development

  • Forex
  • Index
  • Commodities
  • Stocks

You can propose your own strategy just as it suits you – you can focus on several markets at the same time and so spread your investment secured, for example, by indexes.

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